Claire Pellet

Despite studying engineering and even working as a software engineer during a few months Claire had always loved to draw and create stories. More than anything, she wanted to make movies. After a few tries, she managed to pass the entry exam for Gobelins, and is now studying animation in Paris. Born in Nice, in the south of France, she loves sunny places and never misses an opportunity to come to Spain, and she spent a few months in Gijón (Asturias) at the end of her previous studies. She came back later, to Barcelona this time, for her first internship in an animation studio.

She has a deep love for animals, who often appear in her work, and hopes that her stories may help people to change their mind about them and give them the respect and protection they deserve. She also enjoys music and has a thing for indie rock bands.
She hopes she will someday work as a movie director. And for now, she finally studies what she truly likes to do.