Kate Gibbs

Raised in a family of educators, musicians, and artists in the New York area, Kate had the values of creativity and charity instilled at a young age. She was involved in a wide range of organizations and activities to expand her artistic talents and serve the community throughout her upbringing.

She attended Villanova University and spent several years working in the private sector as a fashion model, stylist, and event planner for various firms including Elite Models, Bryan Bantry, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vivienne Tam, as well as additional modeling jobs for clients such as Vespa, Adrienne Landau, and the City of New York, to name a few. Interested in more fulfillments in her daily work, she sought deeper work in humanitarian causes. Diving from Seventh Avenue into the classroom, she accepted a position in a government fellowship in education and is currently working in an underprivileged area near New York in the development of a leadership academy magnet school and foreign language immersion program.

Kate maintains the ability to successfully run the gamut between diverse worlds transcending and translating through socioeconomic and cultural barriers in domestic and global locations. Through this life, the artist paints dreams of making the world a brighter place and can be regularly seen supporting various domestic and international charitable causes, especially UNICEF and the Clinton Foundation.  Her work is unlike any other one might see yet has a captivating allure to women of all ages. She is a gifted person who makes exceptional and distinctive designs which reflect the way she lives her life.