Claire Pellet

Claire Pellet

Despite studying engineering and even working as a software engineer during a few months Claire had always loved to draw and create stories. More than anything, she wanted to make movies. After a few tries, she managed to pass the entry exam for Gobelins, and is now studying animation in Paris. Born in Nice, in the south of France, she loves sunny places and never misses an opportunity to come to Spain, and she spent a few months in Gijón (Asturias) at the end of her previous studies. She came back later, to Barcelona this time, for her first internship in an animation studio.

She has a deep love for animals, who often appear in her work, and hopes that her stories may help people to change their mind about them and give them the respect and protection they deserve. She also enjoys music and has a thing for indie rock bands.
She hopes she will someday work as a movie director. And for now, she finally studies what she truly likes to do.


Tone Helein

Un texto para performance de Tone Gellein

Titulo: 3 palabras con sonido de madera


Tengo tres palabras

3 palabras

tre ord

three words


la sombra


the shadow


el cuerpo


the body


el alma


the soul


juntando las tres palabras

la linea

linjen samler de tre ordene

holding together the three words

the line


y al final una pregunta:

por donde va la linea?

where does the line go

hvor går linjen


la sombra

el cuerpo

el alma


la linea

Escrito especialmente por el arte de Marcela Jardon y presentado por primera vez en el contexto de su arte.
Tone Gellein, Barcelona – 11 Julio 2017

Judith Duquemin

Judith Duquemin

“A Theory.  Maquette.  2014  Judith Duquemin.”

Triggernometry Judith Duquemin
I came to Spain from the UK to research geometry in Moorish art, visiting places such as Málaga and Granada. I travelled on to Barcelona to Red Point where I am able to attend to some focused studio drawing for a much larger digital Art and Science project that I am currently involved in. Red Point is located in the centre of Barcelona surrounded by many contemporary galleries and museums.

Triggernometry Judith Duquemin
He venido a España desde el Reino Unido para la investigación de la geometría en el arte morisco, visitando lugares como Málaga, Granada. Viajé a Barcelona para Red Point, donde tengo la oportunidad de realizar algún estudio enfocado en dibujos para un proyecto de arte/ciencia (digital ) mucho más grande en el cual actualmente estoy involucrada. Red Point está situado en el centro de Barcelona, rodeado de muchas galerías de arte contemporáneo museos.

Las obras el proyecto titulado  TRIGONOMETRÍA giran en torno al uso de algoritmos simples y complejos que se combinan con los principios de los antiguos algoritmos árabes, algoritmos computacionales matemáticos, y el algoritmo visual juguetón, tan colorido, abstracto, geométrico. Estas obras son patrones previos para una animación digital multipantalla.

©Judith Duquemin 2014