“The purpose is prior to existence”

red Point artists residencies offers international artists working in visual media the opportunity to develop their artistic process.

The residence is located in the artistic heart of Barcelona, surrounded by the most prestigious art galleries, museums, and foundations. In a typical house of the Eixample, of the SXIX, built during the Catalan modernist period. Spacious and bright, it has a workshop for small formats, a digital studio, an exhibition space, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen-living room.

redPoint is a self-managed space dedicated to emerging contemporary art (production, training, research and links)  focused on visual arts. redPoint creates the right infrastructure so that artists and designers who begin their creative and discursive exercise can develop a project, experiment, and do without commercial pressure.

The main objective is to promote the processes of experimentation and self-criticism in order to influence the consolidation of the artist’s aesthetic and discursive identity. The main objective of the tutorial is to provide the resident with concrete tools, both practical and theoretical, to approach their own creative processes. We seek that the resident knows through direct contact with local artists, how they resolve the creative exercise day by day, how they structure and develop this practice.

redPoint gives priority to the artist process, supporting its production and critical development.

What we offer:

+ Art workshop for to work

+ The exhibition of your work in the heart of Barcelona

+ Promotion of your event

+ A private presentation of your work to other artists

Open call for artists
Accepting applications for 2021