•Very luminous rooms, with bed, office, cupboard, balconies.
• Internet WI-FI
• Shared kitchen and bath.
• Shared workspace.
• Coordination Support*
• Possibility of exposure / chat / presentation / seminar / event**
• Promotion and diffusion of your activity

The rooms are for exclusive use of the residents. It is not allowed to bring guests to happen the night.
The meetings with other artists will be realized during the day, and in no case they will extend after 23hs.
Every artist is responsible for the cleanliness of his room and of respecting the order of the common areas.

The place also promotes visits to galleries and art centers in the city and meetings with artists, and other art professionals.

* The monthly base is 4 hours
**The monthly basis 3 hours a day to make the presentation / exhibition end

Artists in the categories of photography, video art and multimedia must be accompanied of their own equipment.

Extra services
• Additional Coordination Support (Custom)
• Additional Event Space ( community space )
• Additional Gallery Space (shared three or more artists)
• Weekly cleaning of the room
• Microsite web redPoint
• Making final dossier in pdf from
• Postcards, flyers, etc.
• Intensive courses
• Cultural circuit
• Accommodation for artists for a short period

Applications via email only:

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