redPoint artists residencies allows international artists to develop his artistic process. The residence offers access of up to three months to a wide room, with natural light, with bed, office, with Internet, to work every day.

Each artist can manage grants as it deems appropriate, for which, once selected, redPoint artists residencies will send a letter of invitation. The costs are covered by residents: travel, accommodation and subsistence*.

Artists may apply in any medium, and of any nationality.

You can connect any questions about your application, our space or what you do with your time in redPoint.

There is the possibility of an exhibition / event with the work presented, and / or the work done throughout the residence.

redPoint coordinator is an artist and therefore can support the visiting artist in all aspects of the residence: help to settle into their new environment, introduce them to the local area Barcelona, provide the information needed for everyday life, presenting the artist to other artists and creative professionals that effectively allow them to develop a network that can lead to new forms of cooperation in the future, and of course, help with all the requirements for the artist’s research, production and exhibition.

* Please note this is a self-supporting residence in which participating artists must secure their own funds towards the cost of the residence facilities as well as their own travel, production and living expenses.

For now redPoint offers no grant or scholarship. All artists must be able to find their own sources of funding to cover the costs of the facilities of the residence and travel expenses,
maintenance and production.